Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Fruits

Farm-Fresh Apples & Blueberries in Woodstock, CT

Woodstock Orchards LLC is proud to offer pick-your-own apples and blueberries while they’re in season. All of our apples and blueberries are also sold in our retail store and used in a number of items in our bakery. We welcome families across Connecticut and New England to visit our orchard to experience farm life and enjoy our high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Stop by Woodstock Orchards today to pick some fresh apples and blueberries that are great for cooking, baking and so much more. For more information about the products we grow on our farm, contact us by calling (860) 928-2225.


Our apples are available for picking each year immediately following Labor Day weekend through mid-October. Pick-your-own apples are sold by the bag. We offer a 1/2 bushel and peck size bags for you to pick into. Signage at our orchard will direct you as to where to purchase the bags. Apple varieties offered in pick-your-own include: Mcintosh, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Ida Red, Fuji, Cameo and Russett.


Our blueberries are available for picking each year beginning in mid-July through the month of August. It’s best to pick berries that are firm, dry, plump, smooth-skinned and completely blue, with no hint of red.

Pick Your Own Blueberries is Scattered Picking

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